Senior Pastor

Dr. Steve Havener

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Dr. Steve Havener was born on September 29, 1957.  He grew up in El Reno, OK, but has called Atoka, OK his home since August of 2004 when he was called to Southside to serve as Senior Pastor.  Steve loves to minister to his church family and to the community around him.   His prayer is to be used of God to share His Gospel, by preaching and reaching!  If you need anything, Bro. Steve is just a phone call away!

Family: His wife Sherry (pictured), their 4 children, and 8 grandchildren

Salvation: 1962

Favorite TV Shows: Somebody's Gotta Do It! and Crime Dramas

Favorite Movies: Anything with John Wayne!

Favorite Sports Teams: OU, OSU, and Tulsa University

Favorite Hobbies: Going Golfing and Camping

Favorite Scripture: John 15:13

Associate Pastor; Worship and Student Minister

Jim Lewis

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Bro. Jim Lewis was born on January 20, 1978.  He was raised right here in Atoka, OK and has served here at Southside as Associate Pastor, Worship Minister, and Student Minister since August of 2012.  Jim also works as a AAA Insurance Agent in Atoka.  Bro. Jim loves to see people grow in their relationship with Christ.  His greatest blessing is to see people come to salvation and then find their passion in serving.  "When we each serve God in the ways He has gifted and created us, the Kingdom grows!"

Family: His wife Amanda (pictured) and their three children (Aaron, Ethan, and Zachary)

Salvation: April 1992

Favorite TV Shows: Anything with action - NCIS, Hawaii Five-0, Chicago Fire/PD

Favorite Movies: Anything Action

Favorite Sports Teams: OU, Atoka Public School, and Tushka Public School

Favorite Hobbies: Going to the movies

Favorite Scripture: 2 Timothy 1:7

Associate Student Minister/HS and College Minister

Matthew McIninch

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Bro. Matt McIninch was born on November 16, 1994.  He was raised in Tushka, OK and has attended church at Southside since he was born.  In May of 2014, he was called to serve at Southside as Associate Student Minister.  Matt also works as an umpire and as the scoreboard operator/announcer at all Tushka High School basketball games.  He is currently in his senior year at Southeastern Oklahoma State University and will graduate in December 2018. Matt's goal is to see people get excited about serving Jesus Christ wherever and whenever they can!

Family: His parents Ron & Rhonda and his little brother Timothy

Salvation: 2001

Favorite TV Shows: The Office, The Blacklist, Law & Order SVU, Supernatural

Favorite Movies: Anything Marvel, 42, Elf

Favorite Sports Teams: Philadelphia Eagles, OKC Thunder, OU, Texas Rangers, Atoka Public School, Tushka Public School

Favorite Hobbies: Playing/Watching Sports, Playing the Drums, Watching Netflix, and Going to the Movies

Favorite Scripture: Ephesians 2:10

Children's Ministry Director

Tahrea Hurt

Tahrea Hurt was born on April 4, 1978.  She grew up in both Atoka, OK and in the Grandview, TX area before making her way back to Atoka.  Tahrea has served at Southside as the Children's Director since October of 2015.  Tahrea also works as the music teacher at Lane and Stringtown Public Schools.  Tahrea loves working with the children here at Southside and helping them build a strong foundation in Jesus Christ!

Family: Her husband Randy (pictured) and their four children (Tucker, Fisher, Shyler, and Ryder also pictured)

Salvation: 1983 at the age of 5

Favorite TV Shows: Fixer Upper and Anne with an E

Favorite Movie: Miss Congeniality

Favorite Sports Teams: Her kids' teams

Favorite Scripture: Colossians 3:15-17

Facilities/Office Manager

Roger McIninch

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Roger McIninch was born on May 3, 1961.  He was raised here in Atoka, OK and has served at Southside for many years.  He started as the Facilities Manager in May of 1985 and the role of Office Manager was added in September of 2016.  Roger also works at Usher Sheet Metal in Atoka and has served on the Tushka Fire Department since August of 1986.  He was selected to be the Tushka Fire Chief in January of 1991.

Salvation: April 1971

Intern Counselor/MS Minister

Brock Woolf

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Brock Woolf was born on January 27, 1994.  He was raised in Tushka, OK and still lives in that area.  Brock was brought on at Southside as the Intern Counselor in 2015 following his graduation from Southeastern Oklahoma State University with a degree in Psychology.  Brock also works at Walmart in Atoka.

Family: His wife Katlyn (pictured)

Salvation: 2008

Favorite TV Shows: Supernatural, Naruto, Good Doctor

Favorite Movies: The Maze Runner Series, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Favorite Sports Teams: OKC Thunder

Favorite Hobbies: Reading Manga, Playing Video Games, and Watching TV

Favorite Scripture: 1 Corinthians 13:1-3

Treasurer; Historian

Gwen Walker

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Gwen Walker was born on October 10, 1936.  She was raised right here in Atoka, OK and has served here at Southside as the Treasurer since August of 1968.  Gwen also works at the Atoka Confederate Museum. Gwen loves her church family and strives to see that we are always in one accord.  She hopes that we always have our minds focused on Christ and that we show that by loving and respecting each other!

Family: Her husband Don, and children Traci and Todd

Salvation: 1942

Favorite TV Shows: Any of the older shows on TVLand

Favorite Sports Teams: OU, OSU, and OKC Thunder

Favorite Hobbies: Reading and Doing Jigsaw Puzzles

Favorite Scriptures: 2nd Chronicles 7:14, Philippians 4:13, Hebrews 13:5

Church Clerk; Janitorial

Nadine McIninch

Nadine McIninch was born on October 17, 1938.  She was raised in Olney, OK and now lives in Atoka, OK.  She has served here at Southside as the Church Clerk since 1965.  She also works at the Tushka City Hall.  Nadine loves being a part of the body of believers at Southside.  She has been blessed to be a part of such a loving church family all these years.

Family: Her late husband Eugene McIninch, her three children (Roger, Ronald, and Rhonda), and her three grandchildren (Roy Gene, Matthew, and Timothy)

Salvation: August 20, 1949

Favorite Sports Teams: Tushka Tigers

Favorite Hobbies: Reading, Quilting, and Sewing

Favorite Scripture: Philippians 4:13

Sound Technician

Kevin Meadows

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Kevin Meadows was born on May 4, 1969.  He was raised in Tushka, OK and still lives in the Tushka area.  Kevin has served at Southside as the Sound Technician since 2007.  Kevin works at Wyrick Lumber in Atoka and loves to serve in many areas of the church.  These different areas include Deeper Student Ministries, Men's Ministry, and as a Deacon since 2013.

Family: His wife Mendy and their daughter and son-in-law Markie and Kevin Feuerhelm. (and they couldn't leave out Markie's dog Jax)

Salvation: June 15, 1982

Favorie TV Shows: Parks & Recreation, Life in Pieces, The Office

Favorite Movies: Dumb and Dumber, Star Wars franchise, James Bond franchise

Favorite Sports Teams: Chicago Aftershock

Favorite Hobbies: Woodworking, Tinkering with computers

Favorite Scripture: 1 Peter 4:1-2

Computer Technician

Ron McIninch

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Ron McIninch was born on June 25, 1963.  He was raised in Atoka and now lives in the Tushka area.  Ron has attended church at Southside since he was a child and has served as the Computer Technician since 2010.  Ron also works as the Canteen Supervisor at Howard McLeod Correctional Center in Farris, OK.  Ron is a retired fireman from the Tushka Fire Department with 30 years of service.  He loves serving at Southside and helps out with the Student Ministry and has served as a Deacon since August of 2013.

Family: His wife Rhonda McIninch and their three children (Roy Gene, Matthew, and Timothy)

Salvation: 1975

Favorite TV Shows: Andy Griffith, Family Feud, and Laramie

Favorite Movies: John Wayne Westerns

Favorite Sports Teams: OKC Thunder, Texas Rangers, Washington Redskins, and Tushka Tigers

Favorite Hobbies: Hunting and Carpentry

Favorite Scripture: John 3:16

   December 2018   
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